Subtle Shift for a Big Impact

We're all about making a subtle shift for a big impact.  Without getting preachy, our goal is to make all of our drinks have a very real impact on the communities from which they come and the greater environment. 

Sometimes, I come across brands that do this in small ways that seem to have real ability to make a change.  Today, I stumbled across  It's basically Bing, repackaged.  They directly funnel their ad revenue to plant trees and protect forests.  Pretty straightforward, and pretty cool. 

Isn't Google the best search engine?  Probably.  I searched Cascara in both, and Google got me more relevant search results.  But, Ecosia sends a message.  Innovation and change often come from the margins.  Whether Ecosia improves, or Google launches a similar concept, I love the idea.  It takes something we all do, many times a day, and makes it a force for good.  Keep on pushing, Ecosia.

Jon Epstein