These Are Our Drinkers

It hurts to see your idols outplayed.  No glaring errors -- outplayed.  The guys who work that much harder, are that much hungrier, are that perfectionist -- outplayed.

On this morning after, I'm taking solace in Bill Simmons' these are my readers refrain.

Superbowl Sunday was spent sampling at Depanneur, a Williamsburg coffee shop, and Food Story, a Bushwick grocery.  After giving the 15 second sphiel -- parents, try synopsizing your children to strangers in 15 seconds -- and while pouring the first sample, I asked, "Patriots or Eagles?"  90% of folks expressed their indifference to football.  The follow-up, "Pink or JT?" elicited a smile or even a laugh from everyone.  (Hard to do in New York!)

Except one guy at Food Story.   With a look of grave seriousness, he replied, "I am an anti-capitalist, and I don't think the Superbowl should happen at all."  (But he digs cascara hibiscus!)

Yup, these are our drinkers. 

Jon EpsteinComment