In middle school, I had this creepy music teacher, who always repeated the mantra, "musicianship requires discipline."  To do pretty much anything well, you need discipline.  Growing distribution has been an exercise in discipline.

We recently launched distribution with Rainforest.  It's been an awesome experience so far.  They're capable, pretty well organized, and open a lot of doors for us.  They deliver some of the best natural food and beverage brands to thousands of stores in the region.   When we first launched, I scrolled through their account list.  Whoa.  There are so many stores we could be in.

But, we have to be disciplined.  We shouldn't be everywhere today.  We're still in the early phases.  We have to focus on the stores for early adopters.  One day we hope to be in every bodega up and down the street, but not yet.  Discipline.