This past week has been an amazing reminder of how collaborative, warm, open, and kind our community is.  On Thursday, Gotham Greens hosted us for a dinner alongside Misfit Juicery, Toast Ale, Ocean Hugger Foods, and Archer Roose

On Friday, we stopped by Kickstarter's HQ for a little party (shoutout to whoever made those tempeh sandwiches - I've been dreaming of them ever since). 

Over the weekend, we got to check out the Summer edition of the Fancy Food Show.  We caught up with friends at Sustainable Snacks, Sweet Dough, Qanya, GT's Kombucha, and Califia Farms.  

In the past week or so, we've spoken to nearly all of the other cascara companies in the game - Caskai, Bevea, and I'm sitting down with Lazy Bear Tea today.

We're firm believers in an open source approach.  A free sharing of knowledge and information helps all of us get better.  We're proud to be a part of a community that works together, pushing one another forwards, and providing better snacks, greens, beverages, cookies, and whatever else.  Collaboration helps us all share our like minded goals with more people in an otherwise crowded and fractured landscape.  We're happy to have these opportunities, and hope to have many more.    


Jon Epstein